Katie Fennell is a PhD student in Peter Mac’s Cancer Epigenetics Lab, led by Professor Mark Dawson. She’s one of the many talented students working at Peter Mac to break new ground in cancer research. To mark National Science Week, she shared why she chose a career in science and what she loves about working at Peter Mac.

“I’ve loved science since I was about nine years-old. As I got older I realised I liked human biology more than any other type of science because it is always changing. It’s a really dynamic field – every day is a challenge.

“Working in cancer research, you get a sense that your research might have a direct impact on clinical care and people’s lives. In Professor Dawson lab, I’ve had the opportunity to do some really great science. I really like being by the bench and can see myself as a lab-based scientist.

“If you’re interested in pursuing science, my advice is to be resilient. You have to be able to deal with failure – science doesn’t work all the time but it can be really exciting too.”

Peter Mac is holding a Research Student Open Day on Tuesday 12 September 2017. Don’t miss the chance to talk to potential supervisors and current students about opportunities at Peter Mac.