Did you know there are more than 500 clinical trials underway at Peter Mac, with many now actively looking for patients to get involved?

Clinical trials underpin the massive improvements we’ve seen in outcomes for cancer patients over the decades. They are driving the next generation of treatments and cures.

This Clinical Trials Day (20 May), at Peter Mac there are:

  • 293 Medical Oncology trials assessing new and emerging drugs to treat a range of cancers.
  • 120 Haematology trials assessing new drugs and novel approaches in blood cancer.
  • 40 Radiotherapy trials assessing novel techniques including using emerging drugs in addition to radiotherapy.
  • 19 Cancer Surgery trials assessing improved techniques and processes to improve outcomes and recovery times.
  • 9 trials at the junction of infectious disease and cancer to improve patient outcomes.
  • 7 Cancer Imaging trials investigating new ways to detect cancers and monitor effects of treatment.
  • 6 trials looking specifically at improving outcomes for patients in pain or in palliative care.

Peter Mac Associate Director Clinical Research, Associate Professor Jayesh Desai, said clinical trials give patients access to new drugs or more tailored interventions long before they could become more widely available.

“Clinical trials also provide another treatment pathway for many patients who may have exhausted conventional options,” Associate Professor Desai said.

“Our patients also find that clinical trials give them a sense of greater understanding of their particular condition, and the chance to play a very active role in their own treatment and care.”.

The trials available to Peter Mac patients range across the spectrum from early “pilot” studies (8), Phase I (154) and Phase II (111), to pivotal Phase III (179) and follow-up Phase IV (5) studies.

Many of Peter Mac’s clinical trials are supported by the wider Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit (PCCTU), which is Australia’s largest dedicated cancer clinical trials unit with over 100 staff.

The PCCTU combines the trials expertise of Peter Mac, where it is based, with that of the Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Royal Women's Hospital.

A Clinical Trials Hotline has been established to help connect patients to currently open clinical trials.

The info line – (03) 8559 7456 – is staffed by a senior oncology nurse and is open 9am to 2pm, Monday to Friday.

Patients can also email questions to [email protected]