Peter Mac’s Bendigo team has celebrated 20 years of radiotherapy at the Bendigo Radiotherapy Centre.

Since opening in 2002, the centre has provided radiotherapy consulting and treatment to over 15,000 patients. Over 1,100 patients are referred to the service each year.

The centre’s staff includes radiation therapists, radiation oncologists, physicists, radiation engineering, nursing, allied health and clerical staff, who provide treatment and other services to local patients. It is the only radiation therapy provider in the Loddon Mallee region.

Dr Claire Phillips, Director of Radiation Oncology at Peter Mac said, “As the only provider of radiation therapy in the Loddon Mallee region, your delivery of quality, caring cancer care is so important.”

“Sincerest thanks for your hard work, and congratulations on this achievement.”

Peter Mac’s agreement with Bendigo Hospital, where Bendigo Radiotherapy Centre is based, has recently been extended to 2026, with an option to further extend to 2031.

“The renewed agreement recognises the benefits of this relationship for the greater Bendigo community, and the importance of providing cancer care as close to home as possible for regional Victorians,” added Dr Phillips.

Bendigo Health Chief Executive Officer Peter Faulkner said the collaboration between the two organisations has resulted in tremendous benefits to cancer patients.

“Radiotherapy is a vital part of the integrated regional cancer centre at Bendigo Health,” Mr Faulkner said.

Responding to a need for localised radiotherapy services, Peter Mac partnered with Bendigo Health in 2002, trialling a single radiotherapy machine service, with support from the state and federal governments.

In 2007, the service added a second radiotherapy machine thanks to support from government, the local community, and fundraising via the Bendigo Radiotherapy Foundation.

In 2016, the service moved to the Cancer Centre at the new Bendigo Hospital, sharing space with Bendigo Health Medical Oncology Services.