For his ground-breaking cancer research, Professor Mark Dawson has been elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Professor Dawson leads the Cancer Epigenetics Laboratory at Peter Mac where is also a leading haematologist and directly cares for blood cancer patients. He is included in a list of 22 leading Australian scientists elected as Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) for 2021.

The AAS is one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious academic societies founded in 1954 and modelled of the Royal Society of London. Since its conception, the society has elected about 850 members from all scientific disciplines ranging from physics and mathematics to plant and animal biology.

“This is the one of the most significant honours I have received in my career to date and I am incredibly grateful for all the support I have received from colleagues at Peter Mac, University of Melbourne and elsewhere, which has enabled our research,” Professor Dawson says.

Professor Dawson’s research is focused on the biological mechanisms by which epigenetic regulators facilitate the induction, maintenance and progression of cancer. His discoveries have led to several first-in-class epigenetic therapies, including those studied in more than 30 clinical trials across at least 20 countries.

Professor Dawson is the fourth Peter Mac scientist to be elected an AAS Fellow. He follows Professor Joe Trapani and Professor David Bowtell (both 2018) and the late Professor Joseph Sambrook (2000).

In a statement, AAS President Professor John Shine congratulated Prof Dawson and other new Fellows for their achievements on the international stage.

“These researchers have not only been at the forefront of Australia's scientific community, but have also been leaders in global science,” said Professor Shine.

“I warmly congratulate and welcome each Fellow on their election and for their extraordinary contribution to science and society.”

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