Call for applications for the 2022 Rosie Lew Peter Mac Foundation Postgraduate Award for a PhD in cancer research at Peter Mac in 2022.

The Rosie Lew Peter Mac Foundation Postgraduate Award is a prestigious scholarship available for an excellent candidate who demonstrates academic excellence and leadership qualities and will be undertaking cancer research at Peter Mac, commencing their PhD in 2022. 

Applications close 5.00pm Monday 08 November 2021.

Each day our team strives to provide the very best in cancer care, seeking better treatments and potential cures for all people affected by cancer.Critical to our work is our ability to recruit outstanding students to help drive our innovative basic, translational and clinical research.

We are seeking graduates with a background in biology, biomedical science, biotechnology, clinical studies, health services management, oncology, allied health research, computational biology, bioinformatics or related fields.

Applicants (local or international) must be a graduate of an Australian University, and have applied for 2022 PhD candidature in Round 1 university applications.

The successful applicant will receive a scholarship (up to 3.5 years) of $37,000 p.a. tax free plus $3,000 p.a. to support professional development throughout the PhD.

Students jointly supervised by across-institute supervisors will only be eligible if their principal supervisor is based at Peter Mac and the majority of their studies will be completed on site at Peter Mac.  

Conditions of the Award:

This scholarship provides award of $40,000, comprised of:

  • $37,000 per year living allowance, to be administered through the University.
  • $3,000 per year student professional development support costs (travel, courses etc) administered through Peter Mac.
  • This scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 3.5 years, subject to candidature extension.

NOTE: Students awarded a university scholarship may receive the Peter Mac award as a top-up scholarship of $10,000 per year living allowance and $3,000 per year student professional development support costs. Students in receipt of a competitive scholarship equal to the full amount of the award (eg NHMRC) may receive the Peter Mac award as the $3,000 per year student professional development support costs.


The 2022 award is open to the following students who:

  • Will be full-time ‘local’ students (Australian citizen, permanent resident or New Zealand citizen) or international students who are graduates of an Australian university;
  • Can demonstrate their potential research excellence through previous studies and/or experience; 
  • Meet university eligibility requirements to commence a PhD in 2022, to be based at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.
  • Can provide evidence of submission of a Round 1 University application for 2022 PhD candidature.

For further information 

Email: [email protected]