Congratulations to pharmacist and researcher Marliese Alexander, who was today awarded Peter Mac’s 2018 Lea Award. This prestigious award - presented this year on International Women’s Day - recognises and promotes emerging female research leaders in their early to mid-career at Peter Mac.

Marliese is one of the few clinical pharmacists in Australia with a PhD and Masters of Public Health, who is carrying out original research with impact for cancer patients.

Her research is focused on the prevention of cancer associated with thromboembolism - a complication of cancer and anti-cancer treatment, and a leading cause of death in cancer patients receiving outpatient anti-cancer therapies.

The selection panel also remarked on Marliese’s leadership capacity and collaborative approach, which embodies Peter Mac’s focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration and translational research.

The Lea Award recognises gender issues within research divisions, acknowledging there is an under-representation in women from mid-career onwards. The award comes with $40,000 in financial support for career advancement opportunities.

This is the second year that Peter Mac has presented the Lea Award, with the inaugural award going to Dr Kylie Gorringe.

This year, and for the first time, the selection panel also named a highly-commended nominee. This is Senior Research Fellow Dr Elaine Sanij - whose research is focused on developing new types of smart drug treatments for ovarian and prostate cancer.

Elaine will receive $10,000 to support her travel to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the USA, to establish collaborations with world-leaders in DNA repair and DNA damage response inhibitors.