Navigate: An online treatment decision aid for men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their partners

'Navigate' is an online decision aid resource for men diagnosed with low risk prostate cancer and their partners. It is also the name of the research project which is guiding the development and testing of the Navigate website.

Our research has found that deciding on which treatment option is best for managing low risk prostate can be very distressing and confusing for men diagnosed with prostate cancer, and their partners. We also found that lots of men are unaware of the different options they can pick to help manage their cancer. From these results we have been funded to develop this online decision aid resource.

The online Navigate Decision Aid (NDA) was designed and developed with hands-on feedback and ideas from men who had experienced prostate cancer and treatment themselves, along with their partners. Three co-design workshops were run, where the web design team, the research project team and over 20 men and partners had round table discussions, brainstorming and feedback about how to make this resource.

NDA will have partner sections, and gay and bisexual men sections, which cover the information needs, supports and resources unique to these groups.

Along with information about treatment options, the research team also filmed over 40 videos of men, partners, oncologists, urologists and specialist prostate nurses. These videos cover personal experiences, recommendations and advice and health information. They will be built into the Navigate website, so that newly diagnosed men can have a range of perspectives and experiences to help them with making their treatment decision.

A key part of the decision aid will be the decision-making section. This area is an interactive tool which helps men and their partners map out what is important to them, and what key parts of each treatment they value. This tool is designed to help men and their partners to either come to a treatment decision, or decide their preferred treatments so they can start discussions with their treatment teams.

The Navigate treatment decision aid also has lots of additional information about treatment side effects, management, support and resources.

The research trial will be run nationally to test the resource through a randomised controlled trial. Research sites will be in hospitals around Australia, and via all social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.).

Recruitment Sites

Active Recruitment:

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (study operations centre), Cabrini Health, Austin Health, Alfred Health, Western Health


Wesley Private Hospital


To evaluate the impact of an online Decision Aid (DA) for men with low risk prostate cancer and their partners on:

  1. Uptake of Active Surveillance as first-line management option for localised prostate cancer
  2. Men’s preparedness for decision-making
  3. Men’s decisional conflict, regret and satisfaction
  4. The quality of men’s communication with their partners’ about their illness
  5. Men’s prostate cancer-specific quality of life.


Swinburne University of Technology


National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Principal Investigator/s

Professor Penelope Schofield

Professor of Health Psychology, Swinburne University of Technology.

Head of Behavioural Science, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

Email: [email protected]  or [email protected]

Contact details

Ms Natalie Richards
Project Manager
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 3 8559 7453