Your patient navigator

At some time during treatment many patients and their families need help with appointments or help getting in touch with their care team. Peter Mac has a special team of administration staff called the patient navigators to help patients navigate their treatment between visits to Peter Mac. Your patient navigator is the first person you should contact for help with appointments or to get in touch with your care team if you have a question or concern.

Your patient navigator

Your patient navigator is an important member of your care team.  They work closely with you, your doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals, like physiotherapists and social workers, to ensure you receive the right care in the right place at the right time.  

Your patient navigator is the first person you should contact if you have a question about appointments in Specialist Clinics or Allied Health.  They are also the first person you should call to get help with clinical questions or if you are feeling unwell.  The patient navigator is an administration role and so if your question is clinical in nature they will pass on a message to your care team to call you back.

Your patient navigator can help you by

  • Answering routine questions. 
  • Helping you understand appointment instructions or change appointment times if possible.
  • Help you get in touch with your nurse consultant or another member of your care team if you have a clinical question or feel unwell.
  • Pass on your messages to your care team to ensure you get the help you need.

Which patient navigator is right for you and how do you get in touch with them

Patient Navigator contact list

Appointments your patient navigator can help you with

Please contact your patient navigator by phone or email if you need help with appointments, or can’t attend and appointment in:

Specialist Clinics (Level 2B and 2D) or

Allied Health including:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Social work
  • Occupational therapy
  • Exercise physiology
  • Speech therapy
  • Nutrition and dietetics
  • Psychology.

Appointments where it is best to contact the service directly

If you need help with an appointment in any of the following departments, please bypass your patient navigator and phone them directly:

  • Language Services  (03) 8559 5430
  • Cancer Imaging  (03) 8559 5510
  • Radiotherapy  (03) 8559 6270
  • Day Therapy  (03) 8559 5355

(Day therapy includes Chemo Day Unit, Medical Day Unit, Transfusion Lounge, Apheresis and Day Therapy Clinics on Level 3.)

How to contact your patient navigator

Business Hours

  • Monday to Friday  
  • 8:00am to 4:30 pm

There is a patient navigator for every type of cancer.  Some services have more than one navigator and if so, they work in a team.  Your patient navigator looks after many patients just like you. If your patient navigator is busy with another patient, your call will be put through to an answering machine so you can leave a message. All messages are recorded and saved as emails.  If your message is not urgent, you may prefer to email your patient navigator.

All phone messages left before 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, will be attended on the same day.   

If your message is not urgent for example, if you would like to request a different appointment time for the following week, your patient navigator will call you back, or return your email, within in the next two business days.  

If you have a more urgent health question or concern your patient navigator will speak to a member of your care team for advice. It is not always possible to put your call directly through to your nurse consultant or doctor as they are often with other patients.  However, your patient navigator will ensure that someone from your care team calls you back to provide help the same day.

In the event of a medical emergency 

Peter Mac does not have an emergency department. In the event of a medical emergency, please dial 000 for an ambulance or go to your nearest emergency department.

How to get help out of hours

Please do not call Peter Mac out of hours with non-urgent questions or concerns about appointments. It is best to wait and speak to your patient navigator the next business day. 

If you are feeling increasingly unwell after hours, weekends and public holidays call Peter Mac switchboard (03) 8559 5000 and ask to speak to the after hours hospital coordinator. The after hours hospital coordinator is the most senior nurse on duty. They will consult with your care team and advise you what to do.

Which patient navigator is right for you and how do you get in touch with them