Visitor information

Due to rising community transmission of COVID-19, Peter Mac is now closed to visitors.

By reducing traffic in our buildings, we're ensuring the safest possible environment for our patients and staff.

Effective from 4.00pm on Tuesday, 21 September, visitors are not permitted in our inpatient wards - except to visit patients receiving end-of-life care.

End-of-Life care

In these limited circumstances, inpatients receiving end-of-life care can have up to two visitors at a time, with a maximum of 4 visitors per day and the visit must be pre-arranged with the Nurse Unit Manager.


To further minimise foot traffic in our buildings, many of our appointments are now being done via telehealth.

Patients - if your clinician offers you a telehealth appointment, please take this up.

And once your telehealth appointment is booked, it must proceed as a telehealth appointment. You should not opt on the day to attend Peter Mac in person.

Attending Peter Mac on your own

For patients who need to attend Peter Mac in person for a treatment or appointment, please - if possible - attend Peter Mac on your own.

Only patients who require direct and physical support should be accompanied by a carer or family member.

For all people entering our building, please note

On arrival, you will be asked to undertake a pre-attendance risk assessment. People who fail the pre-attendance risk assessment are prohibited from entering the health service, unless an exemption applies. Only in exceptional circumstances can a hospital allow a person to visit a hospital if they are a known contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19, or a returned overseas traveller in mandatory quarantine, or have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Exemptions can only be authorised by senior hospital staff and, in some instances, must also be approved by the Chief Health Officer / Deputy Chief Health Officer due to the risks involved. Strict conditions may apply to these visits. Please discuss this with hospital staff. 

If you would like more information please visit the Department of Health website.

Infection prevention and control

Our patients generally have poor defence against infection. If you’re coming to Peter Mac – as a patient, visitor or staff member – and you have a cold or flu, or cold- or flu-like symptoms, an upset stomach or have been in contact with anyone who has an infectious disease such as measles or chickenpox, we ask that you do not visit the hospital as you may pose a risk to our patients.

If you’re unsure, please call Peter Mac on (03) 8559 5000 and ask to be transferred to the relevant ward to check in advance. Do not hesitate to ask to speak to your loved one over the phone if you cannot visit.

Did you know

  • when in hospital, patients can get the flu vaccine during flu season?
  • some wards do not allow flowers or pot plants? It is always best to ask first.

Please check with treating teams about eligibility of vaccines. 

Flowers and plants

We ask that no plants with soil and no flowers be brought to patients in inpatient unit level 5 or the intensive care unit (ICU) at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Alternative gifts such as balloons or cards are a welcome alternative.

If you are unsure whether you can bring flowers to a patient, please check by calling our main switchboard on 03 8559 5000 and asking to be put through to the patients ward.

Help stop the spread of germs

  • Wash your hands using soap and water after going to the toilet.
  • Wash your hands using soap and water before eating food.
  • Use DeBug hand sanitiser as much as you like. It is found at the end of the patients bed and in various other locations in the hospital.
  • Visitors should use alcohol base hand rub (ABHR) when they first enter a patients room and when they leave.
  • Check if there are any special safety actions or precautions put in place for your room. If you are unsure please ask your nurse.


Peter Mac is a totally smoke-free environment, meaning a safer, cleaner and healthier environment for all who are treated, visit or work at Peter Mac. 

Smoking is not permitted within or within 10 metres of any Peter Mac facility.

Patients who smoke are encouraged to quit, and free support is available. 

Find out more about our quitting smoking service for patients.  

Patient and visitor drop off

There are several short term drop off and pick up spaces for vehicles and taxis along Grattan Street in front of our main public entrance. For patients requiring a wheelchair please see information below.

Patients can also be dropped off and picked up in front of the car park lift lobbies on Levels B3 and B4 (entry from Flemington Road). There is no charge for using the car park for less than 30 minutes.

Find out more about finding your way around Peter Mac.

Find out more about getting to Peter Mac, including car parking and public transport information.

Wheelchair Access

  • For patients that require assistance getting around our centre, there are wheelchairs in the basement car park lift lobbies on Levels B3 and B4.
  • If you require a wheelchair, please ask your loved one or carer to enter our car park (entry is via Flemington Road).  Once your loved one of carer has parked on Level B3 or B4, they will be able to obtain a wheelchair for you from the car park lift lobby and take you where you need to go for your appointment.
  • If your loved one or carer is dropping you off, they will have plenty of time to get you settled in your appointment location before incurring any car parking costs, as the first 30-minutes is free.
  • We ask that wheelchairs are returned to the lift lobby before you leave our centre to ensure it is available for another patient who may need it.
  • If you arrive in our main foyer off Grattan Street and require and assistance with getting to your appointment location, please speak to one of our team members at our main reception desk who will be able to help you.