Patient Drop Off

There are two options when dropping off patients at Peter Mac, which take into account the Metro Tunnel construction works

Pick-up and drop-off zones:

  1. Grattan Street - You must enter from Flemington Road. There is a turning circle, and pick-up and drop-off zone. This is a short distance from our main entrance.

Please stay in the pick-up or drop-off zone for only five minutes.

  1. Drop off via the Peter Mac Car Park

Free patient drop off is available via the Peter Mac car park on Flemington Road,  providing it is less than 30 minutes.

  • Drive into our underground car park (off Flemington Road), take a ticket at the boom gate and proceed to level B3 or B4.
  • Drop off the patient near the B3 or B4 lifts, and drive away.
  • Insert your ticket again at the exit. There is no cost as long as your car exits the car park within 30 minutes.

Please note you can access the car park for patient drop off even when the car park is at capacity.

Traffic management and signage are in place to safely guide pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles around the work areas. 

Access for emergency services, hospitals, and businesses will be maintained at all times.

For more information about the Metro Tunnel Project, please visit or call 1800 105 105 (24-hours a day).