Getting to Peter Mac

There are many ways to get to Peter Mac’s main centre in Melbourne. Find out more about the various transport and parking options available to you.

Peter Mac’s main centre in Melbourne is located at the intersections of Grattan Street, Elizabeth Street and Flemington Road, near the northern edge of the city centre.

The main public entrance is on Grattan Street, opposite The Royal Melbourne Hospital.


City West Water is undertaking significant upgrade works to water main pipes along Grattan Street in front of Peter Mac and the VCCC building.

The works will start on Tuesday 4 October 2016 and are expected to be completed within two weeks. Work will be undertaken between 7:30am–5:00pm on weekdays and 8:00am–6:00pm on weekend days.  One lane of traffic along Grattan Street will be maintained during these works. 

During this period of works the 401/402/403 bus stop on the south side (VCCC building side) of Grattan Street will be relocated approximately 50 metres back towards Royal Parade in front of our centre.  The bus stop relocation will not impede Peter Mac’s patient drop off and pick up area.  The 401/402/403 bus stop on the north side of Grattan Street will not be relocated.

By car

Drop off/pick up

There are several short term drop off and pick up spaces in front of our main entrance on Grattan Street. For patients requiring a wheelchair, there is a wheelchair bay adjacent to the Enquiries Desk in the building’s Welcome Hall (our main entry foyer).

Note: If travelling by Uber please ensure you enter our address: “305 Grattan Street, Melbourne” into the Uber app. If you’re ordering an Uber to pick you up from Peter Mac, please ensure the pick-up location pin is in the correct position before you book your Uber. The same applies if you are booking a taxi to and from Peter Mac via a taxi booking mobile phone app.


Park your car on either Level B3 and B4 and take the Car Park Lift to your desired level. There is a touch screen information kiosks in both lift lobbies which can tell you where you need to go. You can even print a map. Your appointment letter will tell you which level and area on that level you need to go to.

Find out more about parking at Peter Mac.

By motorcycle

Entry and access to the car park on a motorcycle is the same as if you were in a car.

Find out more about parking at Peter Mac.

BY Bicycle

Public bike racks are on Elizabeth Street, Grattan Street and Flemington Road. Please note that locks are not supplied.


Find out more about public transport options for getting to Peter Mac at the VCCC building.