Services and amenities locations (A-Z)

Directory of service and amenities and their location at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre building.






GroundWelcome Lounge
Allied Health
  • Aboriginal Health
  • Clinical psychology
  • Exercise physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychiatry
  • Social work
  • Speech pathology


22A Specialist Clinics

Auxiliary Shop



Bicycle Facilities
Public bike racks are on Elizabeth Street, Grattan Street and Flemington Road. Please note that locks are not supplied



Entry to Super 8 is via the Welcome Hall. Entry to Think Asia
and Sargon Coffee Co. is from outside on Grattan Street



Loft Café



Car Park
See the table on page 6 for further information


B3 & B4 




Convenience Store
Access to the Urban Hub convenience store is from outside on Grattan Street



Day Therapy
Name has changed from Chemotherapy Day Unit, Medical Day Unit and Apheresis



Medical appointments, Apheresis and Clinical Trials


33B Day Therapy

Chemotherapy, Medical Assessment and Blood Transfusion


33C Day Therapy

Dental Oncology


22C Specialist Clinics

Enquiries Desk
Located in Welcome Hall for general information and directions



Familial Cancer Centre


11B Familial Cancer Centre

X-ray, MRI, and interventional procedures
(including bone marrow biopsies)


55B Imaging

CT, PET, SPECT, Mammograms and Ultrasounds


55C Imaging

Inpatient Ward

  • Head and Neck
  • Lung
  • Paediatrics
  • Sarcoma
  • Skin Melanoma


33A Ward

Inpatient Ward

  • Breast
  • Haematology


55A Ward

Inpatient Ward

  • Gynaecology
  • Neuro-oncology
  • Upper and Lower GI
  • Urology


66A Ward

Intensive Care Unit
Delivered in partnership with The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH)
Go to Level 7 and take the link bridge from Peter Mac to RMH.
Take the “B Building” lifts to Level 6


6 (RMH) 

Interpreter Services


22D Specialist Clinics

Link to The Royal Melbourne Hospital (bridge)


2 & 7 

Motorcycle parking
See the table on page 6 for further information


B3 & B4 

ONTrac at Peter Mac
Victorian adolescent and young adult cancer services


11D You Can Centre

Outdoor Terrace



Parent Room
Located next to public toilets


Ground & 2 

Formerly Outpatient Specimen Collection


22B Pathology

Patient Accommodation


11A Patient Accommodation

Patient drop off and pick up
There is no charge for using the car park for
less than 30 minutes


Grattan Street in front of public entrance
Drop-off zones in front of the car park lift lobbies on Levels B3 and B4



Main dispensary and information on medication


22A Pharmacy

Pharmacy (retail)
Entry to HealthSmart Pharmacy is outside on Grattan Street



Radiation Therapy
Take the car park lifts, public lifts or stairs


B1B1 Radiation

Reflection Space



Located at the Enquiries Desk



Social Work


22A Specialist Clinics
Specialist Clinics2

2C Specialist Clinics

2D Specialist Clinics

Name has changed from Operating Suite


66C Surgery

Taxi drop off and pick up


Grattan Street
in front of main public entrance





All Levels 
Welcome Hall
  • Enquiries Desk
  • Patient Library
  • Public seating
  • Security
  • Taxi phone
  • Touch screen information kiosk and map printing facility
  • Volunteer services
  • Welcome Lounges (for admission and transport)


Wellbeing Centre11C Wellbeing Centre