Medicare ineligible patients

Peter Mac is a public health, specialist cancer centre in Melbourne. We treat public patients as well as some who do not meet public health criteria (known as Medicare Ineligible). If you think you do not meet the public health criteria, it is important to read and understand the following information.

Who can get treatment and care AT Peter Mac?

Peter Mac treats all patients holding a current Australian Medicare card. This treatment is offered as a public patient.

We also treat patients that may be:

It is important to note:

  • Our treatment and care is always given to Australian residents first.
  • There are no guarantees (promises) that we will accept Medicare ineligible patients.

What does IT MEANS TO BE Medicare ineligible?

If you are not an Australian resident and/or do not hold a Medicare card, you are a Medicare ineligible person. Such persons include but is not limited to:

  • International students
  • Overseas visitors
  • Temporary entrants or temporary visa holders.


It is important you read and understand the following 3 step process if you are thinking of coming to Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre from overseas.

The 3 step process for Medicare ineligible patients

Step 1

Send all of the following information to Peter Mac:

  • Your full medical history in English.
  • A summary from your treating doctor, hospital or treatment centre.
  • All past and/or future planned cancer treatments.
  • Your diagnostic images (such as scans and x-rays) with full reports.
  • Your pathology results (blood and biopsy reports).

Step 2

When we receive all the documents as listed in Step 1, we will:

  • Review the information you sent to us.
  • Decide if we are able to offer you the services you need.
  • Contact you and let you know our decision.
  • If we offer an appointment, you will need to decide whether to accept.
  • If you accept, we will give you a quote that explains the cost for this initial (first) appointment.
  • If you accept, you must pay for the first consultation up-front, before your first appointment.
  • If you accept, you must ensure you have a valid visa to enter Australia.

Step 3

After your up-front payment has been received, we will advise you of a date and time for your first appointment and at this appointment we will review your medical situation and discuss the next steps for your treatment.

If you agree, we will:

  • Send you a detailed letter explaining your treatment plan
  • Give you a quote for the treatment plan
  • Ask that you pay for your treatment up-front, before starting treatment.
  • Ask if you have international or private health insurance. If you do, we will ask for the details so we can do an insurance policy cover check.

“It is your responsibility to ensure that you have health insurance cover or adequate money to cover the cost of your health care.”


Overseas patients can pay for both the review and treatment quote by:

  • Direct deposit
  • International money transfer

For Peter Mac’s bank details or to pay by credit card, please contact our Medicare ineligible coordinator on (03) 8559 6943 or email: [email protected]

You can also pay in person by:

  • Bank Cheque
  • Credit Card
  • Cash 

visit our cashier on: Level 2 (Next to Pharmacy) 305 Grattan Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 on (03) 8559 6080

(Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:00pm)

What are the costs for overseas visitors?

The following information provides cost/fee information that applies to overseas visitors. These fees/costs are subject to change without notice

Service or Treatment TypeCost/Fees in $AUD
First or initial consultfrom $500.00
Follow-up or subsequent consultsfrom $400.00
Procedure at first or initial consultfrom $500.00
Procedure at follow-up or subsequent consultfrom $400.00
Radiation Therapyas determined by Medicare Benefit Schedule plus 40%
Allied Health$110.00 per consult
Inpatient medical service and accommodation:
Day onlyfrom $1800.00 per day
Overnightfrom $1850.00 per day
Inpatient surgical service and accommodation:
Day onlyfrom $1800.00 per day
Overnightfrom $2400.00 per day
Other services:
ICU - Overnightfrom $5500.00 per night
Hospital in the Homefrom $1200.00 per visit
Prosthesisfull cost recovery
Cancer imagingas determined by Medicare Benefit Schedule plus 50%
Pathologyas determined by Medicare Benefit Schedule plus 40%
Pharmacyfull cost recovery
Interpreter Service$160.00 per session
Administrative charges$500.00

If you have any questions or queries about this information or on accessing our services as an overseas student or visitor, please contact; Medicare ineligible coordinator on (03) 8559 6943 or email: [email protected]