Admissions and registrations

Patients coming for surgery, outpatient procedures (not appointments, day therapies or radiation therapy) or inpatient admissions need to present to our Welcome Lounge on the ground level.

The welcome lounge

In order to become a patient at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre you must first be referred by a health care professional. If you are to be admitted as an inpatient, as stated in your “Welcome to Peter Mac” pack, you are required to present to the welcome lounge on the ground floor. The welcome lounge is open Monday to Friday 6:30 to 20:00, weekends 9:00 to 16:30 and most public holidays.

Your “Welcome to Peter Mac” appointment letter will state which area you will need to present to first.

When do I need to present to the Welcome Lounge?

  • When you are being admitted for surgery
  • When you are being admitted for an outpatient procedure (not appointment)
  • When you are being admitted to the ward

When should I not present to the Welcome Lounge?

  • When you have an outpatient appointment
  • When you are being admitted to Day Therapy for chemotherapy, apheresis or other treatments
  • When you are being admitted to radiation therapy for treatment

Check your “Welcome to Peter Mac” appointment letter for information on where to attend in these instances

What should I bring for my admission?

You will receive a "Welcome to PeterMac" Pack in the mail detailing what you are required to bring for your admission.This will include:

  • Your appointment letter
  • 'A patient's guide to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre' booklet
  • 'What happens to information about me' brochure
  • Questions to ask at your appointment on arrival
  • A map of the hospital and surrounding areas
  • Private patient information and frequently asked questions

What does it mean to be a public inpatient?

You may choose to be admitted as a public inpatient. To be admitted as a public patient you will need to have a valid Medicare card.

If you choose to be a public inpatient, the doctor on duty will provide your treatment and care. The doctor on duty that you see, can change however, a senior consultant, known as a specialist, will oversee them at all times.

As a public inpatient, it is possible you will have some costs for hospital services such as medications on discharge from Peter Mac.

What does it mean to be a private inpatient?

Choosing to be a private inpatient at Peter Mac means:

  • You can choose the doctor you want to be treated by as long as they have an agreement to treat private patients at Peter Mac.
  • You can choose to be treated by our doctor on duty and then elect to be admitted as a private patient under this doctor’s care.
  • You do not have to pay any private health insurance excess fees. Peter Mac will cover this or any co-payment required by your private health fund.
  • There are no ‘out of pocket expenses’ for most services including hospital accommodation, pathology and radiology.
  • The payment we receive from your private health insurance goes directly to the hospital. It is used to support cancer research, buy services and equipment and to improve the services we provide to the community.
  • Our Private Patient Liaison Officer supports you with hassle free billing and will help you and answer all your questions about your private inpatient accounts.

Find out more about choosing to be a private patient. 

Find out more about referring a patient, 

Service times

Monday to Friday from 6:30am to 8:00pm

Saturday and Sundays from 9:00am to 4:30pm


Welcome Lounge

Ground floor

Peter MacCallum Cencer Centre

305 Grattan Street

Melbourne VIC 3000


Admissions and registrations

Phone: 03 8559 5020

Fax: 03 8559 5019

Do not contact admissions and registrations about appoinment times. Find out who to contact for appoinment enquiries.