Concession parking at Peter Mac

See below step-by-step instructions for receiving the car parking concession rate of $10 at Peter Mac.

Which cards do I have to hold for concession parking?

The following valid concession cards make you eligible for concession parking:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Repatriation Health Card
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Health Card
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.

Eligible concession cards for concession parking
Eligible concession cards for concession parking

Can I get concession parking without a concession card?

A patient (or their carer) who is attending Peter Mac for appointments over 3 or more days within a 7 day period is also eligible for the concession parking rate.

A patient (or their carer) who are experiencing difficulty meeting the cost of parking may also be entitled to the concession parking rate. If you are seeking concession parking assistance, without a concession card, you will be referred to the Social Work department for assessment. If approved, you will receive a letter of authorisation, which you will need to present at the cashier to receive concession rates.

Speak to the Peter Mac staff about a referral for concession parking.

what conditions apply?

  • We must see your patient appointment handout or eligible concession card or letter form Peter Mac's Social Work department for you to claim your discount.
  • A limit of one parking concession ticket will be given per patient, per day.
  • If you are visiting a patient, you do not automatically get a discount. You can claim a discount if you have your own eligible concession card.
  • If you park after hours (entry after 6pm and exit before 9pm) or over a weekend, you will be charged a $12 rate. In this case you cannot request a parking concession ticket.
  • If you lose your parking ticket, the lost ticket fee still applies.

How to access the car parking concession rate

  1. Take an entry ticket from the machine at the boom gate on entry to the car park. Please keep this entry ticket with you, as you need to present it to our Cashier to get your concession ticket and to exit the car park.

During your visit to Peter Mac go to our Cashier on Level 2 (8:30am-4:45pm), OR after 4:45pm, and until 9:00pm, go to the Ground floor Enquiries desk. Here you present your entry ticket with:

  • your eligible and valid concession card and Peter Mac appointment letter;  OR
  • your Peter Mac appointment letter showing that you have appointments scheduled over 3 or more days in a 7 day period; OR
  • your letter of authorisation from our Social Work department and Peter Mac appointment letter.
  1. The Cashier will then give you a concession ticket which will allow you to pay the $10 concession rate. Our Cashier is open from 8:30am to 4:45pm Monday to Friday. If you need to exit the car park after these hours you can get a concession ticket at the Enquiries Desk in the Welcome Hall on the Ground Level from 4:45pm to 9:00pm..
  2. When you are ready to leave, go to the car park using the Car Park lifts with your entry ticket and your concession ticket.
  3. Before returning to your car visit the Automatic Pay Stations located in the lift lobbies on either Level B3 or B4.
  4. Insert your entry ticket. When the Automatic Pay Station requests payment insert the concession ticket and pay the $10 concession rate.
  5. The Automatic Pay Station will give you back a ticket. This is your exit ticket.
  6. At the car park exit boom gate, insert your exit ticket. You will then be able to exit the car park.