Additional services at Bendigo

Our radiation therapy patients receive comprehensive care, including access to the following services.

Radiotherapy nursing

In consultation with your radiation oncologist, our radiotherapy nurses will help manage all your acute treatment-related side effects and conditions.

Radiotherapy QUIT facilitators

Trained radiotherapy QUIT facilitators can help patients to quit smoking.

Nutrition and dietetics

This department helps patients to maintain a healthy diet during their treatment. The dietitian can provide education on nutritional strategies to help with cancer and the side effects of treatment. Recommendations about nutritional supplements and tube feeding will also be provided if you need it.

Social work

Our social work staff can support you and your family during treatment by providing emotional support and practical assistance.


During your cancer treatment, the psychology department can provide information and advice to you and your family about psychological conditions and how best to manage them.


Physiotherapy can optimise your physical function and quality of life. Our on-site physiotherapists can assess and treat a variety of conditions that affect physical function related to cancer and its treatments.

Occupational therapy

Cancer and the effects of radiation therapy can impose limitations on a person's participation in their work and daily life. Peter Mac's highly qualified occupational therapists can help you maximise your quality of life and productivity.

Speech pathology

Speech pathologists at our Bendigo campus can help if you are having difficulties with swallowing, speech, voice and language issues caused by cancer or the effects of your treatments.

Access to support groups

Support groups are uniquely placed to help during your cancer experience by proving a space for you to share your concerns with others who have been where you are. One such group is Living with Cancer provided through the Cancer Council of Victoria.

Ask your treating team about other available support groups and programs in your area or for your specific cancer type.

Accessing services

Please speak to your treating team about accessing any of these services.

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We are a public health service provider and no payment is required for Medicare-eligible patients.