Join nearly 200 volunteers and help provide a range of services for patients, their families and our centre.

This includes activities such as providing wigs and headwear, hairdressing, massage and manicures for our patients and assisting with the administrative tasks associated with running our centre.

We also have many hundreds out in the community, corporate and business world who provide much appreciated and extensive support to the Volunteer Services, which enables us to provide such a wide variety of free services and products to our patients.

There are many different ways you can support Peter Mac Volunteer Services.

Currently the Volunteer Service are seeking a qualified hairdresser and other volunteers who can sew to support our extensive Headwear Service, donations of fabric, new toys, movie tickets (adults & child) and raffle prizes.

There are also opportunities to help with direct care, such as part of the Pain and Palliative Care volunteer team.

To learn more about volunteering you can email [email protected] or ring on 03 8559 6811.