Consumer Literacy Education & Evaluation Group

Our Consumer Literacy Education and Evaluation Group is a team of Peter Mac consumers. These volunteers provide feedback on our health communication tools and resources.

Providing input on behalf of patients and carers results in communications that are easier for patients to understand. This Group plays an important role in helping us improve patient understanding, experience and outcomes.

Consumer Literacy Education and Evaluation Group members:

  • Ms Sophy Athan
  • Mr Kevin Boyce
  • Judy McCahon
  • Dr Stuart Rodda
  • Ms Lesley Serong
  • Ms Heather Watson
  • Ms Catherine Nguyen
  • Ms Irene Halligan 
  • Mr Lachie Dodds
  • Mr Tom Nguyen
  • Ms Robyn Bell
  • Ms Mary Pym
  • Mr Graeme Sissing
  • Dr Jenny Devine 
  • Ms Clare Brophy