Community Advisory Committee

Peter Mac has long recognised the importance of involving our patients, their families and the wider Victorian community in major decisions related to planning, delivering and evaluating our services.

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is the peak consumer engagement governance committee at Peter Mac. Note that when we talk about consumers, we mean a person who has used, or may potentially use, Peter Mac’s health services and research, or is a carer for a patient using our health services and research.

The committee’s purpose is to provide advice and guidance to Peter Mac’s Board of Directors in relation to consumer and community views, and to provide advice and guidance on the development and implementation of the Peter Mac Patient Experience Strategic Plan (a guiding document developed in collaboration with our community, that helps Peter Mac to prioritise projects to improve patient experiences).

The committee is made up of patients and carers from different backgrounds and with wide-ranging experiences.

For our committee, we’re looking for a diverse group of people who are truly representative of our community, and who can advocate for community needs and help Peter Mac achieve the vision of providing world class comprehensive cancer care.

The role of committee members:

The role of CAC members is to:

  • represent and advocate for the community
  • engage with the community to understand their needs, including the consumers and carers who use the health service
  • advise the board and the health service on consumer, carer and community views on health service development, planning and quality improvement.

Committee members are responsible for:

  • contributing their knowledge and expertise by providing consumer, carer and community perspectives, whether through lived, personal or professional experience outside the healthcare sector
  • using their strong community networks and/or their good understanding of local issues to inform planning
  • reflecting on and presenting community issues (rather than focusing on personal concerns or individual issues).

Joining our Community Advisory Committee:

Expressions of interest to join the Community Advisory Committee are currently closed. We do, however, have many other opportunities to contribute patient and carer perspectives to our work via our Consumer Register. We welcome expressions of interest for our Consumer Register at any time. Find out more about our Consumer Register