Consumer Participation

Get involved - it's your hospital

Who is the 'consumer' in healthcare?

We will all be consumers of the Victorian healthcare system at some stage in our lives. As defined by the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards, consumers are 'Patients and potential patients, carers and organisations representing consumer's interests.'

  • Patients or former patients
  • Carers or family members
  • Future users of the health service.

What is consumer participation?

Consumer Participation is when people have a say on how our services are developed and provided and how they can be improved. The involvement and feedback from our consumers is of great value and importance to us at Peter Mac and there are many ways that people can get involved.

Why is consumer participation important?

When people are involved in decisions about their healthcare and our services, we achieve better health outcomes and can create better health services. With the help of consumers we can:

  • learn about their experiences and expectations
  • gain input and advice from those that use, or could use our services
  • draw on the expertise and advice from other sectors on ways we can improve our services
  • help us understand how well we are tracking and where we can improve


The voice of our consumer committees and work groups influence our service.

They guide our understanding of our service and as partners, we work to improve our cancer care. Working in partnership, we enable the best possible outcomes and experiences for all.

Some consumer-focused committees at Peter Mac include:

Getting Involved: Join the Consumer Register

There are many ways that patients, family members or other interested members of the community can play a role in improving the quality of care we provide at the Peter Mac. You can become involved at any time by joining the Peter Mac Consumer Register.

We have many examples of how our consumers have influenced the way we work. By joining the Peter Mac Consumer Register you may be involved in:

  1. Providing advice about our services and research
  2. Reading and being involved in the development/review of patient brochures and handouts
  3. Contributing to planning, review and evaluation of our services
  4. Becoming part of a hospital committee or work group
  5. Sharing with us your stories and experiences to help us understand about the care we provide
  6. Assisting with staff education and training
  7. Speaking to staff or our board members at events

Things to remember about Consumer Participation

  • ALL consumers play an important role in how we provide our care
  • We value input, advice and ideas from ALL consumers
  • There are many ways you can get involved and have a say - join our Consumer Register today!

Find out more

Find out more about how you could be involved by reading the Consumer Representative Position Description


Please contact the Manager, Consumer Engagement on email [email protected]

Consumer Engagement Office
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
VCCC Building
305 Grattan Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000