Survivorship WEBINAR: Allied health in post-treatment care

The Australian Cancer Survivorship Centre (ACSC) in partnership with Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) and the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia (COSA) will present a webinar on the important role allied health plays in the care of cancer patients post-treatment.

It is important that you read Meg Rynderman's survivor story prior to the webinar. Her story is embedded throughout, as a case study.

Facilitator, Prof Raymond Chan (Deputy-Chair of COSA Survivorship Group; Princess Alexandra Hospital and QUT, Chair of Cancer Nursing) will be joined by expert panel members:

  • Mr. Andrew Murnane (COSA Exercise & Cancer Chair & Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Exercise Physiologist)
  • Dr. Nicole Kiss (COSA Nutrition Chair & Deakin Uni, Researcher & Dietitian)
  • Ms. Helen Gilbey (Castlemaine Health, Occupational Therapist & Lymphoedema Therapist)
  • Ms. Lauren Atkins (OnCore Nutrition, Dietitian)
  • Dr. Fiona Lynch (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Clinical Psychologist)
  • Ms. Denise Beovich (CCV, Social Worker)
  • Ms. Helana Kelly (Manager of ACSC)

The experienced panel will highlight the critical role allied health play in community-based cancer survivorship practice.

Particular attention will be placed on:

  • Defining cancer survivorship.
  • Describing key features of the cancer survivorship experience.
  • Exploring unmet needs, common issues and treatment-related late effects.
  • Understanding how cancer treatment side effects may alter allied health screening, intervention and management.
  • Exploring common mental health issues in the cancer survivor and the role of clinical psychology.
  • Discussing funding mechanisms and evidence-based resources.

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