Lea Award Grand Round

Peter Mac Board Chair and Chief Executive invite you to the 2018 Lea Award Ground Round. This event provides an opportunity to hear from the latest recipients of Peter Mac's Lea Award which celebrates Peter Mac's emerging female researchers in their early to mid-career.

  • This year’s recipient Dr Marliese Alexander, Research Manager Pharmacist, Peter Mac will present: “Prevention of cancer associated with thromboembolism - a complication of cancer and anti-cancer treatment”.
  • This year’s highly-commended nominee Dr Elaine Sanij, Senior Researcher, Peter Mac will also present: "Activation of targeted DNA damage response as a novel therapy for ovarian cancer- A plan for a clinical trial"

Healthcare professionals from across the precinct are invited to attend the forum to listen, learn and connect with Peter Mac's latest Lea Award recipients. 

Following the grand round, guests are welcomed to stay and enjoy refreshments.

History of the Lea Award 

The Lea Award was established in 2016 and the recipient was Dr Kylie Gorringe, Team Leader, Cancer Genomics program. Click here to view Kylie's post Lea Award interview.

The Lea Award is a prestigious award given to recognise and promote emerging female research leaders in their early to mid-career. The award provides $40,000 in financial support to the successful candidate, to enhance opportunities for career advancement.

This year the award panel also recognised a second highly commended nominee Elaine Sanij who received $10,000 to support her travel to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.