Graduate Nurse Program Information Evening for 2021 (LIVE streamed)

The LIVE streamed Peter Mac Graduate Nurse Program Information Evening aims to provide 3rd year nursing students with information about Peter Mac and the Graduate Nurse Program for 2021, to assist them with making the challenging decision of choosing a program that suits them best, to commence their nursing career.

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac) is a leading, integrated cancer research, treatment and education centre globally.  Nurses at Peter Mac are part of a network of care striving for excellence. They are compassionate, connected and innovative in their support of patients and each other.

The Peter Mac Graduate Nurse Program provides opportunities for graduate nurses to consolidate and expand on clinical ability, judgement and confidence whilst working as valued members of the organisation. There are a flexible range of supports available to assist in adjusting to the professional role, and the small intake of graduate nurses enables tailored support to meet individual needs.

The LIVE streamed event will include presentations from (view the LIVE stream here):

Introduction and Welcome

Michelle Rutherford                             

Graduate Nurse Program Coordinator, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Working at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (Peter Mac)

Dr Shelley Dolan                                 

Chief Executive Officer (Former Nurse)

Beginning your nursing career at Peter Mac

Jac Mathieson                                         

Chief Nursing Officer

Promoting a positive learning culture

Mei Krishnasamy                                   

Executive Director, Cancer Nursing and Allied Health


Graduate Nurse Experience

Emily Pullens                                           

Graduate Nurse 2020

Patient Experience​​​​​​​

Melissa Sheldon                                      

Peter Mac Patient

Graduate Nurse Program and Application Process​​​​​​​

Michelle Rutherford                                

Graduate Nurse Program Coordinator

Follow by:

  • Q&A session with presenters 
  • Short videos of the clinical areas/graduate nurses
  • Virtual tour of the organisation
  • Virtual tour of the specific clinical areas

View the LIVE stream here.