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About our program

Peter Mac provides an expansive clinical training program for radiation therapy students from RMIT University and Monash University, and for supervised practitioners registered with the Medical Radiation Practitioners Board of Australia. Radiation therapy education staff can facilitate clinical experiences to suit your particular needs at any of our five campuses: Bendigo, Box Hill, Melbourne, Moorabbin and Sunshine.

Becoming a student

University student clinical placements are organised through university clinical coordinators. Supervised practitioner and Monash University professional clinical placements are facilitated through the Post Graduate Medical Council of Victoria.


Some of the educational activities we provide our radiation therapy students include:

  • interactive workshops
  • weekly case study sessions
  • learner-directed tutorials
  • specialist radiation therapy treatment experiences
  • inter-professional learning opportunities
  • student resources and facilities.

An individualised program can be facilitated to suit your learning needs.


Anouk De Silva  radiation therapist, PCP student


“I have always had an interest in helping people who are sick or in need. With a career in radiation therapy I feel I am genuinely supporting people who require help and am making a positive difference in their lives.

"I came to Peter Mac to complete my training year because it is a world renowned organisation. Peter Mac has a strong focus on research, which is important for the development of new technologies to help change the treatment of cancer. Here, there are always new things to learn which will allow me to grow as student and continue to grow as a qualified radiation therapist. There are some treatments that are only carried out at Peter Mac. I felt it was important as a student that I am exposed to as many different types of treatment as possible to allow me to become a well-rounded Radiation Therapist at the end of my course. Peter Mac is a great hospital to train as the environment created by staff make it a very easy and safe place to learn and the patients really enjoy talking to students and listening to us talk about our studies." 


Eric Aditama – radiation therapist intern

“All our staff work together to make patients as comfortable as possible during treatment and to change their perspective of the daunting hospital environment. I love that all staff just work together and do not treat patients as a mere number, but treat each patient as a significant individual who deserves the best treatment from us.”

"I always find it fascinating that our field keeps evolving. We are always trying to find ways to give better patient care with technology that is always developing. This is something that drives me every day to think what can I do better for my patient. Working with many different health professionals means this career has multiple career paths I can explore."

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