Allied Health Education

Specialised allied health professional education is available to all health professionals and trainees interested in evidence-based and up-to-date cancer knowledge. Peter Mac provides courses with a unique opportunity to meet expert clinicians as they explain the clinical application of their knowledge.

About our program

The Allied Health team at Peter Mac provides quality education experiences for for learners, from pre-qualification student placement programs as well as providing Continuing Professional Development opportunities for post-qualification Allied Health Professionals.


Peter Mac offers approximately 34 Allied Health Undergraduate and Masters level placements across Nutrition, Speech Pathology, Physiotherapy, Social Work, Spiritual Care, Music Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Clinical Psychology. We have extensive partnerships with major higher education providers in Melbourne and across Victoria. One example of our partnerships is the annual two-day Nutrition Oncology Student Education Program, held at Peter Mac for up to 160 dietetic students.

If you are interested in placement opportunities at Peter Mac, please speak to the placement coordinator at your education institution.


Peter Mac offers a number of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities and education resources for Allied Health Professionals. Some focus on profession specific practice while other opportunities foster inter-professional collaboration.

Inter-Professional Education

Allied Health Professionals are encouraged to undertake formal education activities hosted at Peter Mac such as the Adolescent & Young Adults Oncology Education, Comprehensive Cancer PhD and Survivorship Education programs. Other inter-professional education events include the Introduction to Oncology Study Day hosted by the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy department.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Peter Mac's Nutrition and Speech Pathology department hosts a biennial professional development event "Talking about the 'C' Word" for dietitians working in cancer. This is the only event of its kind in Australia, bringing together a range of clinicians to present on the latest clinical, research and education developments in the field of cancer nutrition.

Oncology nutrition: An essential resource for dietitians on the nutritional management of cancer is a publication for dietitians on the nutritional management of cancer. This is available for sale to dietitians and clinicians interested in oncology nutrition.


Our Physiotherapy Department conducts a number of courses, workshops and lectures to a wide audience covering the topics of exercise prescription and lymphoedema management. 

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology internships, offered two days per week to provisionally registered Psychologists in the final year of their clinical Masters or Doctorate degree.

Psychology at Peter Mac also conducts a cancer-specific Professional Development Program annually.

Social Work

The Social Work and Music Therapy department runs a comprehensive professional supervision and training program that aims to promote and maintain best practice.

This program conforms with the Australian Association of Social Workers Supervision Standards to help:

  • enhance professional skills and competence of social work practitioners, thereby increasing their capacity to achieve positive patient outcomes
  • engage social workers in ongoing professional learning to enhance their capacity to respond effectively to complex and changing practice environments
  • retain social workers in Peter Mac by supporting and resourcing the clinicians to provide quality, ethical and accountable services in line with Peter Mac’s vision, goals and policies.

Speech Pathology

The Speech Pathology team conducts regular presentations and lectures at a variety of forums, workshops and interest groups, covering aspects of swallowing and communication in both head and neck and non-head and neck cancer. Education workshops can be tailored to meet specific needs.

Spiritual Care

Training and supervision in spiritual and pastoral care is offered through the Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Peter Mac. The CPE is accredited with the Association for Supervised and Clinical Pastoral Education in Victoria (ASACPEV).

Peter Mac accepts both full-time and part-time pastoral care internship placements.


For more information please email [email protected]