Joining a clinical trial

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, you may want to know about clinical trials available at Peter Mac.

If you would like to hear more information or join a clinical trial you will require a referral from your current treating team. Referrals must come from a medical professional.

1. Talk to Your Treating Team

Discuss with your primary cancer specialist (Medical Oncologist or Haematologist) about being referred to join a clinical trial.

2. Be Referred

Ask your current treating doctor to send through a referral letter including:

  • A request to be considered for a clinical trial
  • Medical history
  • Latest scans
  • Blood results
  • Details of referring cancer specialist (email and phone)

Email [email protected]

Fax to (03) 8559 7371

For more information for your treating doctor refer to our referral page.

3. Get in Contact

Once you have been referred or if you would like further information, get in contact with our cancer clinical trials enquiry coordinator.

Business hours, Mon to Friday between 9am - 2pm

Email [email protected]

Phone (03) 8559 7456