Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy

The centre of excellence affirms Peter Mac’s commitment to providing world’s best cancer care, acceleration of discovery and translational research and the development of commercials ventures. 

The creation of this centre signals a revolution in cancer treatment and outcomes for Australians and will provide world-leading discoveries in CAR T-cell and cellular immunotherapy. 

Our vision for the centre is to make cellular immunotherapy – CAR T cell and beyond – available to Australia and the Asia Pacific region. 

The centre will establish an integrated pre-clinical and clinical research program with Australian IP and innovative discoveries – securing and commercialising IP. 

The centre seeks to fast-track the pace of clinical trial establishment through capacity and capability building, as clinical trials are the gateway to accessing new treatments. Turbo-charging current clinical trials capacity, recruitment of commercial trials and development of investigator driven trials.

The centre will increase clinical trials capability, building on Peter Mac’s current trials in immunotherapy.

  • Six current first in human and phase 1-3 CAR-T clinical trials, with; 
  • 12 trials in the pipeline.
  • Trials including: Lung cancer, Follicular lymphoma and Myeloma
  • First in human trials for: Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma

Create a new manufacturing industry

  • With over 140 new highly skilled and specialised jobs in cellular immunotherapy with further expansion and job creation possible
  • Eliminating Australia and Asia’s reliance on American manufacturing and the burden endured by patients

Capital investment for the development of a national centre that will revolutionise cancer treatment

  • Over $16 million to fit out 1,700 square meters of dedicated space
  • Including 14 bed/chair clinical unit, and;
  • State-of-the-art good manufacturing grade clean rooms

Create commercial opportunities 

  • Including national networks and partnerships
  • Attracting talent, and; 
  • The commercialisation of intellectual property

There is potential for commercial supply of CAR-T from 2019 – with the intent to treat ~50 – 100 patients at Peter Mac per annum.

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