Thinking about applying? Get advice from our current nurses about why you should!

​​​​​​​Our nurses talk about why you should apply to join Peter Mac.

We spoke with a few of our nurses and asked them the question: What would you say to other nurses who are thinking about joining the Peter Mac team?

Nita O’Halloran – Practice Development Nurse

“Come to Peter Mac. It’s a really great team. If you want to be part of providing that really high standard of care and if you want to be part of a really dynamic, evolving team, come to Peter Mac. There’s lots of opportunities.

As research is growing in cancer there’s going to be more and more opportunities in care delivery, research and clinical care.”

Magda Deveson – Theatre Nurse

“The facilities here are state-of the-art, purpose-built. We have the latest technology, and that all contributes to patient satisfaction, and patent experience as well.

If someone is interested in oncology they shouldn’t think that it’s very specialised or very unique. We are, but we deal with patients with all sorts of comorbidities. We still get exposed to everything else – other illnesses, other conditions.

We’re privileged to be exposed to rare surgery  as many of our cases are unique to Peter Mac. We have surgeons that do amazing work here and they showcase it to the world. We also do a lot of robotic surgery, which is very sought-after for nurses outside of Peter Mac.”

Michael Collins – Nurse Practitioner, Pain and Palliative Care

“Come to work at Peter Mac if this is something you really want to do. There are amazing opportunities. It’s something you’ll enjoy if it’s something that you really want to do. But it’s not just a job or a stop gap thing. It’s a place where you come to develop a career and capacity rather than just marking time.

Working at Peter Mac is very enjoyable and very demanding. There is excellent support in the organisation and there is a philosophy of care and support that exists amongst all staff.

There’s many things that we do here that are difficult. As a quaternary cancer centre we have the  most complicated cases, with most elaborate treatment plans and the most complex patient needs.

We’re doing a high complexity of work but you will be supported in order to do that.”

Josh Hart – NURSE UNIT MANAGER, Radiotherapy Unit

“If you want to work somewhere that has a massive effect on someone’s life and wellbeing every single day, then this is the place to work. It’s never small, and it’s never insignificant, and every interaction is full of challenge and worth.

We’ve got some amazingly experienced people who run amazing programs here.

We’ve got a brand new building and we’re at the very forefront of technology and research, and so you feel like a pioneer sometimes – doing some pretty amazing things that not many people in the world are doing. And so that’s pretty exciting.

I think a lot of people in the community see cancer as a sort of stalled thing that we can’t figure out how to cure, but once you’re in here you see how much is happening and it’s pretty amazing – it’s moving forward very fast.”