Understanding genitourinary cancer

Genitourinary cancers is a specialised field focusing on cancers found in the urinary system and the male reproductive system. These include prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, testicular cancer and cancers of the penis.

The urinary system is responsible for ridding the body of waste fluid known as urine or urea (more commonly called wee/pee). This system also makes sure certain chemicals within our bodies, such as potassium and sodium, are kept in balance.

The male reproductive system is responsible for making and carrying the male reproductive cells (sperm) and its fluid called semen. This system makes sure the male sex cells and hormones are kept in balance.

Major parts of the urinary system include:

  • kidneys
  • bladder
  • urethra
  • ureters.

Major organs of the male reproductive system include:

  • prostate gland
  • testicles
  • penis.

Cancer happens in any of these organs when a cell grows abnormally and out of control.

Focusing on you

Putting you at the centre of everything we do, we focus on understanding your individual condition. To do this, your Peter Mac doctor will find out where your cancer is, where it started (what type of cell) and if it is growing or not.

Not all abnormal masses of cells are cancerous and a biopsy (removing a small sample of tissue so the cells can be examined with a microscope) is used to determine if a tumour is cancerous (malignant) or non-cancerous (benign).

Enhancing your care

At Peter Mac, we provide the most up-to-date diagnostics (tests) and treatment for genitourinary cancers.

Our genitourinary cancer specialists will come together and work with you to assess your condition and plan and deliver the most effective treatment.

Your care plan will be custom-made to treat your specific cancer and the needs most important to you.


We know how hard cancer and treatment can be. Your lifestyle and that of your loved one's will be disrupted and changed. During this time, it is common to struggle with ongoing concerns about cancer and therapy. There are many expert groups available to provide more information and support you through this time, including:


At Peter Mac, we focus on all aspects of your health and wellbeing. Our genitourinary cancer experts will help support and guide you to the best information and managed care.

Our specialist nurses can refer you to our:


For more information about genitourinary cancers, their treatment and support for patients and families, download copies of the following resources: 


Your needs come first, so we offer expert care across a number of different Genitourinary Oncology diseases including:

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Urothelial cancer
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