World Premiere: Peter Mac bio-animation, What Goes Wrong in Cancer?

We are excited to launch Peter Mac's first bio-animation production, What Goes Wrong in Cancer?

Peter Mac is launching the brand new film by our bio-animator Dr Maja Divjak.

Come and discover the invisible molecular universe found within each and every one of our cells and how even small disruptions to this finely-tuned network can lead to cancer.

This film is both a work of art and an incredible tool to explain how cancer forms inside the body and will be useful to clinicians, patients and researchers. 

There will then be a panel discussion with leading scientists and Q&A with Dr Divjak hosted by the film's narrator Dr Clare Fedele. 

We will also be launching an interactive sci-art exhibition which will dazzle as still images come alive when you look at them through your smartphone camera.

This will be available to the public in our Level 7 atrium from December 6. 

Come and enjoy lunch while getting a first peek at this incredible new resource. 

This free event will be held on Level 13 of Peter Mac. Please RSVP as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.