The way we deliver cancer care

Our cancer treatment and care services at our main centre are delivered in partnership with The Royal Women’s Hospital and The Royal Melbourne Hospital – all co-located within easy distance of one another.

While the majority of our care services are provided at Peter Mac, our patients may from time-to-time be referred to The Women’s and/or The Royal Melbourne hospital for particular treatments.

We ask that you please pay particular attention to your appointment letter, which will tell you where your appointment is located.

Our process for referring patients to Peter Mac remains the same.

Referred patients will be allocated a unique patient record number that will enable them to be identified and move between the three hospitals with their medical history and treatment plan seamlessly accessible by all members of our service caring for each patient.

This partnership approach to cancer care has been developed over a number of years by respected senior clinicians representing all three hospitals. It aims to capitalise on the shared expertise of leading cancer clinicians working across the precinct, delivering better outcomes for people affected by cancer.

This includes:

  • A number of our services including Familial Cancer Centre , Haematology and Palliative Care are now fully integrated departments providing services across the three hospitals, run as a partnership by Peter Mac and The Royal Melbourne Hospital.
  • Our Intensive Care Unit Services are provided in the new facility at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. Click here for more information
  • The Cancer Clinical Trials Units from the three hospitals have been integrated to form Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Service , which is located at Peter Mac.

Radiation Therapy Services

In addition to our main centre in Melbourne, we also provide Radiation Therapy Services at our centres in Box Hill, Moorabbin, Sunshine and Bendigo.

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Wellbeing and complementary therapies

Many patients also ask about therapies that may help during and after cancer treatment.

Find out more about complementary therapies.


Peter Mac works in partnership with many organisations and networks locally and across the globe to improve the quality of cancer services and increase the reach, impact, community awareness and sustainability of our work.

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For more information on how we deliver our cancer care please contact us.


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