Strategic Directions

Peter Mac’s Strategic Directions 2015–2019 set the course for our future.

We spoke to many people – our staff, patients, community, peers and government – as we developed the strategy and reviewed the most successful cancer centres across the world.

The resulting five-year plan builds on our core values of innovation, excellence, compassion and our specialist expertise in cancer care, treatment, research and education.

We aim to provide the best in cancer care, accelerating discoveries, translating to cures.

To do this we have four specific areas of focus:

Provide the world's best cancer care
We will focus on innovation in the delivery of care to achieve demonstrably better outcomes for patients, empowering those affected by cancer with a sense of control.

Accelerate discovery and translational research
We will invest in clinical and laboratory research priorities to expedite discovery, and further integrate and translate our scientific breakthroughs into clinical care through an expanded and strengthened clinical trials program.

Focus on cancer prevention and wellbeing
We will expand our efforts to incorporate cancer prevention and wellbeing interventions to help reduce health and social inequities in the community.

Develop new business models and commercial ventures
We will explore and develop innovative business models, including commercial ventures and collaborative partnerships, to accelerate advancements, broaden access to novel treatments, improve clinical and operational practices, and strengthen our financial sustainability.

To help implement these strategic directions, we will pursue four ‘strategic enablers’:

  • collaborative partnerships and networks
  • specialised education and training
  • the best cancer workforce
  • advanced technology and infrastructure.

To read more, download the full Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Strategic Directions 2015-2019 .