Other strategic partnerships


Peter Mac is a specialist public health service and receives the majority of its funding for its health care from the Victorian Government, some funding for research from the Commonwealth, supplemented by invaluable contributions from the community.

Peter Mac has involvement with government committees and specific initiatives to provide expertise and advice with a focus on improving cancer research, outcomes for patients and informing policy.

Parkville Precinct Clinical Service Partners

Our cancer clinical services are provided through a partnership between The Royal Women's Hospital and The Royal Melbourne Hospital as members of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre Alliance.

Radiation Therapy Services

Peter Mac’s radiation therapy services are provided through regional and suburban health centres across Victoria enabling patients to access the very best in cancer care closer to their homes. This includes Monash Cancer Centre in Moorabbin in partnership with Southern Health; in Box Hill at Epworth Eastern Medical Centre; at Sunshine Hospital Radiation Therapy Centre in partnership with Western Health; and at Bendigo Radiotherapy Centre in partnership with Bendigo Health.

Research partners

Peter Mac partners with a large variety of researchers and research groups. Partnerships occur between individual researchers, between laboratories, and at an organisation level.

For example Peter Mac has a collaborative research agreement at the organisation level with the Children’s Cancer Institute NSW, to work together in immunotherapy, pediatric cancer drug research, and studies in survivorship and psycho-oncology for pediatric and adolescent cancer patients and their families.

For information on commercial (pharmaceutical, biotech) research partners refer to the partnerships and industry engagement section of the website.

Prevention and wellbeing partners

Peter Mac has identified partners and collaborators to work with to improve cancer prevention and the wellbeing of our patients and community.

Cancer Council Victoria

Peter Mac works with the Cancer Council Vitoria to decrease cancer incidence and improve cancer outcomes as well as to share resources and intelligence and develop programs and research initiatives.

Peter Mac has worked with the Cancer Council Victoria in public advocacy efforts to improve skin cancer prevention. We also collaborated to achieve legislative changes banning sun beds in Victoria when Peter Mac laboratory research and clinical experience showed that solariums increase the risk of melanoma.

Pink Hope

Peter Mac has worked with the preventative health organisation Pink Hope to develop a ‘know your risk’ tool – the online tool will help individuals determine their risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer based on family health history.

International partners

Peter Mac aims to be one of the world’s premier cancer centres. As part of this ambition, Peter Mac will provide leadership in the research and clinical effort to discover cures, reduce the incidence of cancer, improve treatment outcomes and improve the quality of life for people living with cancer. In order to achieve this, Peter Mac is partnering and collaborating with international organisations.

Peter Mac also participates in international delegations both travelling overseas and hosting guests. These visits provide opportunities to:

  • Build new and strengthen existing international relationships.
  • Showcase our skills and expertise, this includes the capability and offering of Victoria in health and biomedical research.
  • Build our leadership capacity.
  • Explore research and clinical exchanges and education.
  • Collaborate on research projects.

MD Anderson Cancer Centre

Peter Mac was the first Australian institute to join MD Anderson’s Sister Institute Network in 2014. The agreement provides a strategic framework to support existing collaborations and help identify and shape new opportunities to reduce the burden of cancer globally. The partnership has facilitated knowledge exchanges around specific areas of expertise, participation in the global academic program enabling new collaborations with other international cancer centres, and supporting collaborative research projects.

Consumers and community

Peter Mac recognises that engaging with its wider community and constituents, informing them and listening to and incorporating their views into planning and designing all aspects of care will be key to ensuring excellence.

Therefore, all Peter Mac consumers are partners in care. Peter Mac is working with the community to develop a program of community engagement and to continuously improve it. We are committed to listening to and engaging those who receive care as true partners in the design process.

Primary care partners

Peter Mac works with primary care and GPs to improve cancer services in the community and the interface between the primary care and acute care settings.

An annual forum for GPs is held in partnership with the Cancer Council Victoria that provides information on screening, imaging and managing patients with cancer, and is a chance to learn more about how to identify issues for people with cancer and how to better manage follow up treatment.

Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance

The Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance (MGHA) is a Victorian Government funded initiative that brings together the clinical, research and teaching strengths among Victoria’s leading hospitals and research organisations.

Peter Mac is a member of the MGHA and is the leading genomic testing site for cancer patients.

Western and Central Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (WCMICS)

Along with 5 other health services, Peter Mac is a member of WCMICS. WCMICS member organisations collaborate with the aim of improving patient care and outcomes by focusing on delivering the right treatment and support to patients throughout their cancer journey. WCMICS has a strategic focus on consumer participation; efficient and effective access into and transition out of WCMICS Health Services for cancer care; care coordination; and patient information.

University of Melbourne

Peter Mac is affiliated with the University of Melbourne and has established the Sir Peter MacCallum Department of Oncology as an academic department of the University to conduct research and research training. The head of the Department is the Executive Director Cancer Research Professor Ricky Johnstone.

Conferences and congresses

Peter Mac hosts and participates in a large variety of international congresses and conference.

Our experts are often asked to be key note speakers on their topics of expertise.

Conferences are a great way that Peter Mac promotes teaching and training.

At selected international events, Peter Mac has a more formal presence, such as the 2014 World Cancer Congress held in Melbourne Victoria.