Peter Mac works in partnership with many organisations and networks locally and across the globe to improve the quality of cancer services and increase the reach, impact, community awareness and sustainability of our work.

We partner with local and global networks of institutions, industries and communities to improve the quality of cancer services and increase the reach, impact, community awareness and sustainability of our work. 

We are located at the heart of Melbourne’s Biomedical Precinct, and are Australia’s leading integrated cancer research, treatment and education centre. We base our partnership strategy on the knowledge that nothing but the best is good enough in cancer care.  

Partnerships are central to our model of care and impact – we deliver many of cancer clinical service with fellow Precinct members, the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Children’s Hospital. We work actively with our alliance partners, and the cancer sector throughout Victoria and Australia, to provide our patients with the best possible care.  

We pursue partnerships that break new ground and make life better for people affected by cancer. We partner with home-grown and international life-science companies, dedicated research and development institutions and venture firms to advance and translate discoveries into novel and more effective treatments for cancer patients.  

Our clinical, research and education teams share knowledge and expertise with partners seeking to overcome inequity in cancer outcomes, particularly in developing health settings around the world.  

Healthcare partnerships  

We partner with both local and international health services and professionals where there are clear opportunities for patient-centric collaboration to create long-term impact. This includes working with our regional and rural healthcare partners in Victoria to build capacity and capability – and collaborating with our international colleagues to facilitate access to specialised services. We are driven by a mission to extend world’s best cancer care.  

We deliver world-class cancer education and training through our external partnerships, and support entities seeking our unique insight and expertise to build their own capability in cancer care. 

We are also member the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Alliance – learn more about VCCC Partners.

Institutional and Academic partnerships  

As one of the world’s premier cancer centres, we partner with institutional and academic organisations globally to  

  • bring innovative treatment options to our patients 

  • create bilateral developmental opportunities for health professionals, researchers and students  

  • and expand our participation in globally significant clinical trials and research.  

Learn more about our international partnerships.  

We continue to strengthen our strategic partnerships with domestic academic and institutional partners to deliver innovative research outcomes and discoveries and to train and develop a work-ready cancer care workforce of the future.  

Commercialisation and industry partnerships 

Our Commercialisation Team supports the development, translation and commercialisation of cancer discoveries and innovations. Our partnerships and commercial agreements span  

  • local and global biotech and pharmaceutical companies 

  • venture capitals firms 

  • commercialisation funds 

  • and healthcare providers. 

Learn more about our licensing and industry partnership opportunities and contact Commericalisation Team. 

We are also the first hospital in Australia to partake in global collaborative network incentives focusing on immune-oncology that develop new treatments and therapies for cancer. Learn more about our immuno-oncology networks. 

New ventures and commercial partnerships 

Our Business Ventures team is pursuing commercial and new venture opportunities that enable future growth, innovation and transformation for the benefit of our patients, our community and our sector. We work with change-makers, innovators and industry partners to help validate and progress ideas, novel services or research discoveries to new markets. Our excellence in cell and tissue manufacture has led to the spin-out and continued expansion of Cell Therapies – Australia’s leading GMP cell and gene therapy facility. Learn more about Cell Therapies.  

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