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Professor Hofman receives a lifetime achievement award

12 June 2024

Professor Michael Hofman has been awarded the 2024 Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Saul Hertz award. 

The Saul Hertz award is a prestigious lifetime achievement award, that recognises individuals who have made outstanding contributions to radionuclide therapy. 

Caption: Prof. Michael Hofman receiving the Saul Hertz Award in Toronto. Barabara Hertz (left), daughter of Dr Saul Hertz; and Prof. Hossein Jadvar (right), prior SNMMI President and Professor of Radiology at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, USA.Professor Michael Hofman receives the Saul Hertz Award in Toronto from Barabara Hertz (left), daughter of Dr Saul Hertz, and Professor Hossein Jadvar, prior SNMMI President and Professor of Radiology at the University of Southern California

The respected international award is determined by peer nomination with Professor Hossein Jadvar, Past President of the SNMMI nominating Professor Hofman.

Professor Hofman received the award at a ceremony on June 9 at the 2024 SNMMI Annual meeting in Toronto where he presented a lecture entitled ‘Saul Hertz’s Theranostic Dream is Shaping the Future of Cancer Care: Bridging Evidence-Based Medicine and Precision Oncology.

He was also conferred Fellowship of the SNMMI. This prestigious formal recognition symbolises distinguished service to the SNMMI and has only been awarded to two other international recipients outside the USA.

"Winning the Saul Hertz Award is an incredible honour that acknowledges the dedication of the entire Peter Mac team to advance theranostics,” said Professor Hofman.

“The Award inspires me to continue to push boundaries of scientific discovery to improve outcomes for our patients with cancer."

Professor Hofman is a Nuclear Medicine Physician at Peter Mac who leads the Prostate Cancer Theranostics and Imaging Centre of Excellence (ProsTIC).

Professor Stephen Stuckey, Medical Director Cancer Imaging, said Professor Hofman’s groundbreaking research in PSMA PET and PSMA radioligand therapy has revolutionised prostate cancer imaging and treatment, improving outcomes for patients.

“His passion for novel radiopharmaceuticals has resulted in landmark trials being led out of Peter Mac that are changing the way we treat and image prostate cancer,” Prof Stuckey says.

“This coveted award is well-deserved recognition of the pivotal achievements of Professor Hofman and the contributing Peter Mac team.”