Are you interested in helping shaping the experience of future patients and carers at Peter Mac

We're now calling for past and present patients to take part in our second Patient Parliament to be held via Zoom on Friday November 26. 

If you are interested in participating in the Patient Parliament please read the information below and complete the expression of interest form.

The Peter Mac Patient Parliaments give us an opportunity to hear and learn from patients, carers and families about what we can do to improve our services.

Also, we will bring you up to date on the Peter Mac Community and Consumer Compass 2019-2022.

How you can be involved

Peter Mac is looking for a diverse group of patients, families and carers to participate in the upcoming Patient Parliament Forum.

At the forum, you will have the opportunity to hear from senior Peter Mac staff and to share your perspectives on what’s important and how we can improve. Findings from the day will be used to create a new strategies for improving patient experiences at Peter Mac.

What’s happened as a result of past forums? 

At past Patient Parliaments, our community asked us to focus on four key areas, which now form our Community and Consumer Compass 2019-2022.

Technology on the day

For this online forum, we will be using:

  • Zoom (including breakout rooms)
  • A website called Menti that allows participants to submit anonymous questions.

To help ensure all participants are confident using Zoom and Menti, we will have an optional practice Zoom/Menti session the day before.

Interest in attending

We would like to hear from you if you are interested in attending. To help with planning and logistics, please complete this survey to express interest in participating.

If interest for the Patient Parliament exceeds the maximum number of participant places, additional Patient Parliament forums will be held.