Getting to Peter Mac

There are many ways to get to Peter Mac’s main centre in Melbourne. Find out more about the various transport and parking options available to you.

Peter Mac’s main centre in Melbourne is located at the intersections of Grattan Street, Elizabeth Street and Flemington Road, near the northern edge of the city centre.

The main public entrance is on Grattan Street, opposite The Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Please note: Construction of the Metro Tunnel has required the long-term closure of Grattan Street outside our main entrance. This does not affect pedestrian access or public transport but it has changed how cars move about the precinct, and may add to your travel times.

Our patient drop-off and pick-up zone has also moved - See more on this below. You can also go to the Metro Tunnel website for the latest construction updates.

By car

Drop off/pick up

Our normal patient drop-off and pick-up zone is closed due to the Metro tunnel construction, however there are two alternatives marked with bollards.

New pick-up and drop-off zones:

1. Grattan Street - You must enter from Flemington Road. There is a turning circle, and pick-up and drop-off zone. This is a short distance from our main entrance.

2. Elizabeth Street - Drive in the furthest left-hand land when exiting the Haymarket round-about. You can drop-off or pick-up here, and it is a short distance to our Elizabeth Street entrance.

Please park for only five minutes in the pick-up or drop-off zone.

Note: If travelling by Uber please ensure you enter our address: “305 Grattan Street, Melbourne” into the Uber app. If you’re ordering an Uber to pick you up from Peter Mac, please ensure the pick-up location pin is in the correct position before you book your Uber. The same applies if you are booking a taxi to and from Peter Mac via a taxi booking mobile phone app.


Park your car on either Level B3 and B4 and take the Car Park Lift to your desired level. There is a touch screen information kiosks in both lift lobbies which can tell you where you need to go. You can even print a map. Your appointment letter will tell you which level and area on that level you need to go to. Please note: Our car park has a height limit of 2.2 metres.

Find out more about parking at Peter Mac.

By motorcycle

Entry and access to the car park on a motorcycle is the same as if you were in a car.

Find out more about parking at Peter Mac.

BY Bicycle

Public bike racks are on Elizabeth Street, Grattan Street and Flemington Road. Please note that locks are not supplied.


Find out more about public transport options for getting to Peter Mac at the VCCC building.

wheelchair access

  • For patients that require assistance getting around our centre, there are wheelchairs in the basement car park lift lobbies on Levels B3 and B4.
  • If you require a wheelchair, please ask your loved one or carer to enter our car park (entry is via Flemington Road).  Once your loved one of carer has parked on Level B3 or B4, they will be able to obtain a wheelchair for you from the car park lift lobby and take you where you need to go for your appointment.
  • If your loved one or carer is dropping you off, they will have plenty of time to get you settled in your appointment location before incurring any car parking costs, as the first 30-minutes is free.
  • We ask that wheelchairs are returned to the lift lobby before you leave our centre to ensure it is available for another patient who may need it.
  • If you arrive in our main foyer off Grattan Street and require and assistance with getting to your appointment location, please speak to one of our team members at our main reception desk who will be able to help you.