Translation Laboratory

The Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy was established at the Peter Mac to collaboratively discover, develop and deliver globally competitive breakthroughs in CAR-T and other cellular immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer.

In 2021, the Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy announced the establishment of a new translation research laboratory. This lab is dedicated to building a research pipeline to optimise the production and testing of novel cellular immunotherapy approaches for rapid translation into proof-of-concept clinical trials.  Projects can enter the pipeline at any stage for progression into the Pilot Clinical Trial Development Program

 The Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy Translation Laboratory, in partnership with Cell Therapies Pty Ltd, facilitates the progression of academic and industry led cell-based immunotherapy breakthroughs into the clinic by contributing preclinical research and GMP-compliant manufacturing expertise. 

The Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy Translation Laboratory has the capacity to design and produce CARs with extensive expertise in the in vitro and in vivo quality control testing of CAR-T cell products and their GMP manufacture. The Translation Laboratory is set up to help expedite the bench to bedside transition of novel cellular immunotherapies and support important translational studies on patient samples derived from these first-in-human clinical trials.

In addition, the CoE CIT Translation Laboratory can assist in the following:

  • CAR design
  • CAR-T cell generation for preclinical research
  • Human and murine in vitro assays to assess CAR-T cell functionality
  • Murine in vivo models to assess CAR-T cell efficacy
  • GMP CAR-T cell manufacture
  • A/Prof Jane Oliaro - Chief Scientist
  • Dr Nicole Haynes - Senior Scientist
  • Dr Jessica Li - Development Scientist
  • Dr Katherine Cummins - Clinician-Researcher
  • Dr Mark Dowling - Clinician-Researcher
  • Rex Das - Research Assistant
  • Therese Jansen - Research Assistant
  • Pasquale Petrone - Haematology Tissue & Data Coordinator