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Image: Apheresis equipment

The term apheresis comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to take away’. Apheresis is a medical procedure that involves removing some components from your blood.

Using apheresis, blood is temporarily removed from the vein and put through an apheresis machine which separates the blood. This process allows for the collection of a specific blood components which, depending on your condition, are replaced with similar components received from blood donors, removed and stored for later use, or discarded.

As part of the Centre of Blood Cell Therapies, Peter Mac’s Apheresis Service adheres to the Therapeutic Goods Administration‘s Code of Good Manufacturing Practice – Human Blood and Tissues and National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council – Requirements for Procedures Related to the Collection, Processing, Storage and Issue of Human Haemopoietic Progenitor Cells (Third Edition, 2009).

Referral information

Your doctor will advise whether apheresis treatment is appropriate for you. Patient referrals and donor product support requests are made directly to the Apheresis Service by your specialist.

Contact information

Peter Mac’s Apheresis Service is located on lower level 1, the Smorgon Family Building at East Melbourne.

The unit is led by Melisa Darby and staffed by skilled and specialised nurses.


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